Glass Album Cover is a new invention in the music industry

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Glass Album Cover is a new invention in the music industry. It is a cover of an album that has been printed on glass and can be seen through. This way, the album covers still look like they did before and you can still read them without opening the cover.

As album covers are often seen as the face of an artist’s work, it is great to have one that is visually appealing and has a unique design. A glass album cover can be both of these things without sacrificing portability or protection against damage like with other materials like plastic or leather.

The Glass Album Cover is a contemporary album cover that is both stylish and environmentally-friendly. The design for the cover was developed to be lightweight, recyclable, and reusable.

A glass album cover is typically made out of borosilicate glass. This type of glass is lighter than other types of glass like soda-lime or lead glasses. Borosilicate glasses also allow the album to be easily recycled once it has been used. One of the most popular types of borosilicate glass for this purpose is Corning’s Gorilla Glass which allows the album to be thinner than other variations on this design would allow for, making it easier to transport and display in stores.

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