The glass album cover is a new way to show off your favorite music

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The glass album cover is a new way to show off your favorite music. It is an acrylic music album cover that is made from transparent acrylic and backed with a thick sheet of high quality, scratch resistant plexiglass.

The glass album cover has been designed to allow the artwork of the record label to be seen on both sides and it also has a small hole in the center so that you can put your thumb through it and hold it like a normal album cover. The glass album cover is perfect for any vinyl or CD collection.

Glass Album Cover is a new type of album cover that is made out of acrylic glass. The cover has a 3D effect and the music album can be seen through the cover. The album cover is used for all types of music albums, including vinyl albums, CD’s, cassette tapes and more.

This type of album cover is not only beautiful but it protects your music from dust and scratches. These are some reasons why people are using this new type of album covers instead of the traditional one.

A glass album cover is a type of album cover which is made from a glass sheet.

Glass album covers are usually made from tempered glass and can be customized to any size, shape and thickness. They are available in various colors such as black, blue, green, red and white.

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