What is Glass Album Cover?

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The Glass Album Cover is an invention by Hengki Koentjoro that combines the digital and physical world. It is a glass album cover that allows the owner of the album to scan their record and insert it into a slot in the cover. The hole on the front of the cover will also allow one to see through and see what song is playing on their device.

This invention is quite elegant in its design and serves as a perfect decoration for any home or office space. It also features some really interesting features such as giving you more storage space on your devices, allowing you to get rid of your CD collection, and even allow someone with impaired vision get more access to music.

The idea of a Glass Album Cover is the creation of a clear, see-through album cover that you can see through and read the lyrics and credits on.

This idea will be helpful for artists and listeners to enjoy music in a new way.

Hiding behind the mystery of the glass album cover, you are not able to see what the albums have inside. The album is left for your imagination to fill in.

The Glass Album Cover is a very simple way to get your customers interested in buying your product. It makes you have something that no one has seen before.

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